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SW16: Streatham

After many years of playing not second, but third (or maybe even fourth) fiddle to the likes of Clapham and Wandsworth, Streatham is slowly but surely coming into its own. OK, no-one’s going to claim that Streatham High Road, with its endless buses and fumes, is the new King’s Road quite yet, but the area has started to make positive steps in the right direction.

For starters, people are starting to realize that Streatham isn’t out in the sticks. In fact, it’s only a short train journey into town. In particular, it’s proving a winner with public sector key workers and private sector first time buyers, who, priced out of many of the surrounding areas, are snaffling its more affordable properties and 'lifting' the area in the process.

It’s also attracting young families, who, aware of the excellent schools of Dulwich nearby, and desperate for a bit more space and ‘green’, are selling their two bedroom Clapham flats and buying a five bedroom family house with the proceeds.

And while the smart new flats of, say Clapham and Balham, aren’t popping up with quite the same intensity yet, Streatham can boast a huge variety of Victorian and Edwardian properties that can accommodate all budgets and requirements -although, as ever, prices tend to rise the further north you move, with Streatham Hill, edging up towards Brixton, proving one of the more desirable – and costly – areas.


Try I Love coffee. A good coffee & snack list, some of the tastiest breads and cakes south of the Thames and a dimmed, relaxed atmosphere ensures a steady flow of locals to this esteemed local café on Streatham High Road.


Walk blindfold across Streatham High Road. You won’t make it.

Travel Tips

Streatham Hill station to Victoria, 15 minutes; Streatham to London Bridge and Blackfriars, 18 minutes; Streatham Common to Victoria, 19 minutes, to London Bridge, 25 minutes.